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SFT Collectives for Nature Positive.
Functional SFTs with Conserv3 and Ecotizenship Utilities.


BUDAYAeco enables gamified conservation “conserve-to-earn” while serving as an eco-friendly circular ecosystem that allows Ecotizens to exchange their functional SFTs - redeem SFTs with real-world value items; or tokenise and stake SFTs for fixed-cap assets; or burn and swap SFTs with variable-cap assets; or SFT bridging for trading SFTs in a cross-platform network.


Twenty-four SFT Collectives with three eco-friendly variants of GenesisSFT, PrivateSFT, and ReserveSFT, utilise multi-blockchains approach currently consist of Ethereum, Solana, and Tezos for liquidity, functionality, and diversity. SFT Platforms by BUDAYAeco will be built mainly on Ethereum blockchain, with Layer-2 protocols of Polygon and Harmony.


Ethereum Blockchain

GenesisSFTs by BUDAYAeco are built on Ethereum blockchain with over US$300b market cap and listed on Opensea with annual trading volume of over US$14b in 2021.


Solana Blockchain

PrivateSFTs by BUDAYAeco are built on Solana blockchain with over US$27b market cap and listed on Opensea (added support for Solana-based SFTs).


Tezos Blockchain

ReserveSFTs by BUDAYAeco are built on Tezos blockchain with over US$2.6b market cap and listed on Rarible with annual trading volume of over US$260m in 2021.


BUDAYAeco aims to forge collaboration and partnership with other protocols such as the Enjin, Efinity, Namebase, and many others - for sustainability, circularity, periodic functionality, and developing SFT dApps ecosystem.


In collaboration with Ecotzn Access platform, BUDAYAeco accelerates the mainstreaming of Conserv3 and Ecotizenship within a circular ecosystem and a community-led roadmap enabled by WENATR, Earth’s Only Ecotizenship.

We will not rest till
1 Billion Humans are


Establishing DAOs for 24x SFT Collectives

2022 - 2025

Incentivising the Transition of Embracing Ecotizenship

2022 - 2030

Becoming the Enabler for Mainstreaming Ecotizenship

2030 - 2040

24x Functional SFT Collectives

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