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  • Ecotizenship Utility

NFT Collectives with Ecotizenship Utility - Gaianism + Ecolofi + Sunda Agung + Sundaman + Homosia + Ecodeus

— Next-Gen NFT Collectives
  • gaianism.sft

Humans are not the pinnacle of evolution but just an essential part of the living Earth. Our lives should be lived like the cells of Gaia and sustains Gaia as a whole.

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  • ecolofi.sft

Ecological low-fidelity music create calm and chilling atmosphere help regulate mental health and emotions, nurturing mindfulness, and nature connectedness.

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  • sundaagung.sft

Venturing to the edge of nature’s frontier from the highest peaks to the deepest undergrounds throughout the Indo-Burma and Sundaic regions.

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  • sundaman.sft

Magnificent triumph demonstration over spiritual, mental, and physical endurances; ultra-trails and voyages across natural and cultural landscapes.

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  • homosia.sft

Interplanetary species or humanoids or hybrid humans that will come after Homo Sapiens. Human habitation will continue to evolve across multiple environments.

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  • ecodeus.sft

Deriving from place-based sense of belonging, every distinctive earth and tutelary deities defining a locality, every village had its own spiritual entity and suprahuman.

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SFT dApps - Cross-blockchains of robust EcoFi infrastructure

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Ecotizenship, derived from the notions of Ecological Citizenship, Environmental Citizenship, Gaianism, Biophilia, Ecophilia, Ecotopia, and Ecosophia. Ecotizenship is now seamlessly enabled by new wave of decentralisation and self-sovereign identity.

WENATR - Earth’s only ecotizenship, a decentralised leaderful network adopting inclusive dynamic governance, accelerating mass ecological transition.

Geotagged and Immersive SFTs to Tasik Camp, Austronecene, Atma Reserve, and KEBUMI Festival. Plus a dedicated Web3 username (yourname.ecotzn), self-sovereign identity.

Participatory opportunity in the pioneering phase of enacting the Earth’s only ecotizenship, WENATR; and to be whitelisted for $WENA utility reward tokens and $WEDAO reserve governance tokens.

BUDAYA (ERC-1155) SFTs are redeemable SFTs with real-world use cases, such as real-world events, real-world communities, and real-world products.

Utilising the Proof of Attendance Protocol to keep a journey of life experiences, through unique SFT badges that are supported by cryptographic record.

Tokenise and stake BUDAYA (ERC-1155) SFTs for fixed-cap assets; or burn and swap BUDAYA SFTs with variable-cap assets through a cross-chain platform.

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