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  • Metaverse Utility

SFT Collectives with Metaverse Utility - Sundaland + Nyiur-nyiur + Cool Coconuts + Borneoverse + Sahulland + Cendawan

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  • sundaland.sft

Depicting the virtual world of prehistoric continent that encompassed the biogeographical region of Southeastern Asia with larger landmass throughout the last 2.6 million years.

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  • nyiurnyiur.sft

The Nyiur-nyiur are virtual small natives defined by diverse lowland, highland, river, and sea tribes living in the tri-metaverses of Sundaland, Sahulland, and Borneoverse.

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  • coolcoconuts.sft

Cool coconuts are mintable consumables and materials to enable seaborne voyage in the tri-metaverses of Sundaland, Sahulland, and Borneoverse.

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  • borneoverse.sft

Depicting the virtual world of third-largest island in the world, the largest in Southeast Asia and Asia (743,330 sq km), hosting the oldest tropical rainforest.

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  • sahulland.sft

Depicting the virtual world of prehistoric continent (8,500,000 sq km) that encompassed the present land masses of mainland Australia, Papua Island, and Tasmania Island.

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  • cendawan.sft

A virtual ecological ecosystem in enabling the web of life of virtual flora and fauna in the tri-metaverses of Sundaland, Sahulland, and Borneoverse.

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SFT dApps - Cross-blockchains of Ethereum and Polkadot

BUDAYAeco aims to deliver an immersive tri-metaverses' gaming experience that encompasses several genres and combines a cinema-quality gaming experience with an ability to earn virtual assets that can be exchanged for ecological currency.

ENJ and EFI to work in unison, each serving a core purpose within the Enjin ecosystem. While ENJ is used to infuse digital assets like SFTs, EFI is designed to fuel a decentralised Metaverse.

Future integration for liquidity and diverse governance on other blockchains namely Solana, Avalanche, Cardano, Cosmos, Tezos, Flow, and Fantom.

The beta phase of the tri-metaverses will be from 2022 to 2025 through establishment of the DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations), utilising DevOps, BaaS, and Unreal Engine 5.

Ecotizens can now generate an income from cryptocurrencies or semi-fungible token (SFTs) using their computer or smartphone in play-to-earn blockchain games.

Play-to-earn games come into play with conservation, Ecotizens can earn in-game items and rewards ranging from earning native digital currencies to collecting SFTs or be earned from staking.

Top of our priority, initiation of the REW Project, catalysing the rewilding the wildlife habitats, ending the practices of the zoos and game reserves across the tropics.

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