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  • Native Utility

NFT Collectives with Native Utility - Orang Hutan + Orang Budi + Orang Laut + Orang Bunian + Ngarong + Lagenda

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  • oranghutan.sft

Indigenous forest dwellers, native to the tropical rainforests. Restoring the rights of the tropical forest dwelling tribal communities.

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  • orangbudi.sft

Indigenous natives who practise place-based nature worship derived from earth-based spirituality and neo-pagan earth religions.

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  • oranglaut.sft

Seafaring ethnic groups, sea nomads, and native coastal dwellers experiencing and adapting to the climate change and sea level rise.

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  • orangbunian.sft

Elves said to be invisible and hidden; supernatural humanoid described as beautiful, dressed in ancient Southeast Asian style.

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  • ngarong.sft

A system of belief also known as totemism, in which natives are said to have kinship or a mystical relationship with a spirit-being, such as an animal or plant.

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  • lagenda.sft

Folktales or folklore tells spine-tingling natives’ stories of life in the nature, illustrate generational belief that the nature is a place where natural spirits roam.

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SFT dApps - Cross-blockchains of robust DeFi infrastructure

Tropics's (Amazon, Congo, Sundaic) 210 million Indigenous Peoples face increasing challenges due to rapid development, climate change, displacement and lack of recognition of their traditions and practices, which are often criminalised.

Harmony is an open Ethereum-based protocol, scaling Ethereum applications and cross-chain dApps seamlessly between blockchain networks.

Ethereum-based $BUDI token will be mobile accessible, integrating with the Celo blockchain protocol to enable decentralised and remote financial inclusion.

Through Ontology, a decentralised identity framework based on the W3C commendations for decentralised self-sovereign identity and digital cultural identity.

Decentralised storage by Storj together with POAP protocol to store humanity’s most important experiences - traditional ecological knowledge and wisdom.

Through tokenising cultural heritage and cultural identity - inherited heritage, traditions, monuments, and objects can be redefined for sustainability.

Initiation of reNativeVillages and reTribalCommunities, regenerating native habitats and enabling tribal communities as nature's stewards across the tropics.

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